Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall back....did you reset your clock?? No, not the ticking clock....

Fall Backwards....yep, that is what today is all about as you find that suddenly you are arriving at church, at the gym class or at brunch 1 hour too early....

Unfortunately, babies don't get the memo, as my cousin Heather, noted on Facebook this morning....dang it anyway! But that little smile, even 1 hour earlier, still makes getting up all worthwhile!

Even if you get the memo or got the hint from the papers, friends, news, and set your clock back 1 hour, even if you did wake up on your "body clock", you could just roll over for another leisurely hour of rest or "free" sleep because the clock did indeed "fall backwards"....

I was thinking about this the other night and thought why 2am?! Why in the world did someone decide at exactly 2am, we turn back the clock? So go to bed, set your clock at 2am, and get up, turn back the clocks and go back to bed! No, I'm not falling into that trap :)....but seriously, what about those people that ARE awake at 2am.....what do they do at that point - bar is open an extra hour? The hospital staff stays on 1 more hour??? Or what if your baby decides they want to make their appearance at exactly 2am - man that would be exhausting the rest of your life explaining well I was born at 2am, but actually it was 1am......

So what does "fall backwards" really mean??!

Well, it is a bit scary actually - if you think of it in a literal sense....falling backwards, hitting my head or any brave limb of my body that tries to reach out and catch this load of weight!!! Not a pretty picture....

Today in the news, the headline read "Fall Back - did you reset your clock?"

Answer - YES, boring as I am, about 11p last night, I went around and reset all of the clocks and was so excited as I recalculated how much sleep I could catch up on...seriously, it is just 1 hour, why do I keep doing the math in my head....

Anyway, I realized that "falling backwards" while, yes it is a good thing for the extra hour of sleep, is just what I have been doing for the last few weeks.....No I haven't been turning back my clocks back every weekend, but I seriously feel like I have been FALLING BACKWARDS??????

How so, you ask?

-Not working out like I should
-Not eating like I should
-Not getting rid of the stress from everyday life and WORK!
-Not feeling great

Yep, that "falling backwards" stinks!

So now, that the clock has been reset, I need to forget about the fact that I have "fallen backwards" and get up and move FORWARD! You know winter is coming and with that comes those big old sweaters and room for lots of "hidden danger".....i.e. extra winter weight!! I am not "falling" into that trap!

So what next?
I "fell" out of bed this morning and headed off to body pump. I pushed my weight up a bit and could feel the body trembling just a bit (but will feel it a lot more tomorrow - which is always good news to me that I did what I intended to do!)

Yesterday, I stocked the fridge with apples (all cleaned now from the water/apple cider vinegar solution to get those pesticides off!!!! Seriously, I cannot eat an apple unless it is organic or cleaned that way, without about getting sick thinking of the 35 kinds of pesticides they are sprayed with!!!), organic carrots and other healthy stuff.

BTW, on a side note, Costco is really offering LOTS of "organic" choices now at very very reasonable prices!

So on this "fall backwards" day, I am moving forward! I am dusting myself off from the last 2 crazy, insane work weeks, and mindless stress eating, and endless Halloween candy, and moving FORWARD! I have alerted my body that it may not like me for the next couple weeks as I move "forward" but it will like me after that. As the body pump instructor mentioned today in class, I don't like working out, but I really like it when it is OVER...

So what are you up to? Are you falling backwards? Have you already fallen? If so, it is time to get up and move FORWARD! On this beautiful, cool, sunny day, just move yourself FORWARD into some kind of motion! It's not too late!!! Your clock has been reset, so now work on resetting your MIND and BODY!

Have a great Sunday!

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