Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's your crack cocaine??

Ok, I have a slight confession....when I was on my soapbox during the last blog, saying I would win the war against fat, slugginess, non movement, etc, and I mentioned I had just stocked up on lots of healthy things....well, I forgot to mention 1 other thing that I happened to slip into my basket at Costco....

Ok, I admit it. I'm hooked, addicted. I'm a Dark Chocoloate Acai with Blueberry crack addict.
And it all seemed so innocent at first.....

It all started with those dang "powerberries" at TJ's....I bought that hook, line and sinker...those are "good" for me...dark chocolate - good, blueberries - good - so how could I go wrong?!
THEN I happened to run into this 2 pound bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry ...OMG, it didn't take long and I was HOOKED! With every small handful of 5 or 6 (come on, give me a break, they are just little small berries!), I convinced myself of all the good properties they had...I was in denial ...until I read the back side of the bag :

Serving size 1/4 cup
Calories 180
Total Fat 7 grams
1 measley gram of fiber :(


So even those "exotic fruits from around the world" paired up with "healthy dark chocolate" aren't good!?!?!? -Yep - read the print - this can't be too good.....And certainly not as good as a piece of fruit or some veggies...

By the way, I have never done crack cocaine...wouldnt know it if I saw it.....even though while teaching class in NY this past year, I described to my "new" class that at dinner the evening before, my coworker knocked the bowl full of parmesan cheese off the table and it looked like a cloud of "coke dust" - where in the world do I come up with some of this?!?!? How do I have any clue what coke dust is like, or if it even exists?!

Anyway, I just had to come clean to my friends on the blog (again, I may just be talking to myself - I may be the only one reading this blog after all)....but it feels good to say it outloud

I AM A CRACK ADDICT....OOPS, I MEAN I AM A CHOCOLATE ACAI BERRY ADDICT (that sounds a bit better doesn't it!?!?)

So what's your addiction?! Come on, we all have something....My friend, Erin, at work today confessed she is a "MERB's Caramel Apple addict" - lucky for her, that is only 1 time a year addiction....

Speaking of which....when you really really like something, do you find yourself wanting to buy multiples?! As long as I'm coming clean, I will tell you I do have 1 "extra" bag of my crack cocaine in the freezer....I told myself I would buy a 2nd bag to have for all the company at Thanksgiving! HA! Hopefully the bag in the freezer won't be empty by then! I will say this was the first time I bought "multiple" bags....

But do you ever think to yourself - oh oh I better stock up - what if they run out?! Or heaven forbid, what if they stop making these!? Then what?!!

I'll tell you "then what".....then what happens is bye bye addiction :)

So now that I have gotten past
"Hi, my name is Maureen Roth and I'm addicted to Dark Chocolate Acai berries"....hopefully I can begin to wean myself off of these little bits of heaven on earth - oh oh, i'm slipping again...

Seriously, admitting is the first step, right!?

So, come on, what is your crack cocaine?! Admit it and start thinking about what it is and why you think you must have it......think about how much better you would be WITHOUT it!!!

So just for today - share your addiction with someone else and start kicking it....right out of your life! I'm not ready to dump this bag in the trash yet, but I will think twice before I open the bag again!!! And how often I open it! 1 small step at a time, that is how these changes are made people!

Hang in there and have a good night!

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